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Offering Alternative Therapy with Smiles – Charitable Donation

During difficult current times, many local businesses and industries have been affected.  One such local business was featured on Local 7 News WXYZ:  


They are a local horse farm who provides special needs children and adults with pet therapy.  During this time they would typically provide lessons, tour school groups and hold fundraisers.  In speaking with their owner Beth Pellerito today, they have been worried about what might happen to some current clients who are boarding at the farm should they have to permanently close their doors.

FATA made a charitable donation to O.A.T.S. today.  During my phone call with Beth, she was extremely emotional and appreciative of the donation.  As I communicated to her, we will weather this current situation stronger as a community that supports one another.

Please check out their website for further information on what services O.A.T.S. provides local communities/the State of MI.


FATA Employee Cookout

FATA Automation giving back to its employees with an all employee lunch cookout. With our very own Bob Smolinkski manning the grill.

Celebrating another beautiful Michigan summer!

New Website Launch

FATA has launched there new website to rid themselves of the old and outdate style. Please click around our new website and explore the many things that FATA has to offer. Let us know if we can help you in any way with your next project!


Automated Parking System – Brooklyn New York

FATA Automation was challenged to develop an automated parking system for a medical facility in Brooklyn, New York.  The area has no parking available, and the new building could not be made taller to accommodate a parking deck, due to city ordinances.

This left the Owner with only one option – Dig 3 levels under the building and install automated parking to get the vehicles down there and to park the greatest possible number of vehicles in the smallest space.

The system developed by FATA uses two Entry Modules / elevators that simultaneously lower the vehicle to a rack structure below, and rotate the vehicle to facilitate loading to FATA’s shuttle.  Once the vehicle has been lowered to the chosen level, it gets loaded to the shuttle with dolly, and loaded into a parking space in the rack structure.

In order to make retrieval of the vehicles fast and efficient, FATA also developed software that works in a “traffic cop” fashion to make and change decisions on which vehicle goes when – keeping cycle times fast and customer wait times as short as possible.

The system parks 131 vehicles and is expected to be operational in the Summer of 2019.


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FATA Automation Inc. Signs First Automated Parking Project

FATA Automation Inc., a company with expertise in design, engineering, manufacturing, fabrication, installation, start-up and training for material handling systems, including several different types of fully-automated robotic parking systems, announced today that it has executed an agreement to provide 270 parking spaces for the Las Olas Ocean Resort in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

The Las Olas Ocean Resort developers, Las Olas Group II, have partnered with the world’s largest hotel company, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), and have entered into a franchise agreement with IHG to brand the resort an Indigo Hotel.

“We’re very excited to be working with Las Olas Group II on the first fully-automated parking system in Fort Lauderdale.” said Martin Wright, President and CEO of FATA Automation, Inc.  “With our track record in turnkey delivery of fully automated systems and Las Olas Group II’s vast experience in real estate development and property management, we have a great team working together on this project.  We hope it will be the beginning of a long and successful relationship.”

“FATA Automation, Inc.’s fully automated parking system will provide our customers with a state-of-the-art, luxury parking experience,” said Ray Parello, a Partner of Las Olas Group II.  “FATA’s experience of delivering reliable, cost-effective material handling systems to blue-chip clients, and its commitment to providing us with a showpiece system, gave us the reassurance we were looking for when we were choosing our robotic parking system supplier.”

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