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  • Way Creative Media, LLC.

    Overview: In today’s information age distinguishing oneself requires more than conventional advertising. A web presence with distinctive design, interactive function, and versatile media-marketing is a vital component of ongoing success. Offering the best in the industry, our clients obtain the edge they need to thrive in a digital world. Let us work for you!

  • Automotive Design & Production - Feature Article
    Overview: Brent Kelso, operations manager for Fata Automation Inc. (Farmington Hills, MI) explains it like this: "In theory, you take all of these modules—they all have known operating characteristics and they're all individually tested—and you assemble them into a system." This allows the modules to be set up off-site and tested before they reach final installation. It also allows the modules to be integrated in shorter time-spans, like over a weekend where there is no production scheduled.
  • Automotive Design & Production - Feature Article
    Overview: FATA Automation - ELSA, WILMA, and WANDA are not the names of Italian women. They are three new products from Advanced Technologies, a member of the FATA Group. ELSA stands for "Electrode Life Saving Autoshaper," WANDA stands for "Welding And New Dimensional Audit," and WILMA stands for "Welding Integrated Large Modularity Assembler."
  • Frost & Sullivan: New Applications Drive Automated Guided Vehicle Markets
    Overview: The 1999 Market Engineering Customer Focus Award is presented to FATA Automation Inc. for its efforts to maintain its leadership in the AEM market. The recipient of the 1999 Market Engineering Mergers and Acquisitions Strategy Award is Swisslog Group. This company is continuously engaged in seeking new merger and acquisition opportunities to improve its product range, market share and geographic penetration. The 1999 Market Engineering Vertical Marketing Strategy Award is given to Mannesmann Dematic AG for implementing the ``market focused groups'' concept. AGV Products Inc. receives the 1999 Market Engineering Entrepreneurial Award for achieving rapid growth and market presence in the face of stiff competition from established companies.

  • Manufacturing Engineering - Rev Up Outboard Production: April 2005 Vol. 134 No. 4
    Overview: Mercury Marine has been an innovator in marine propulsion systems since its founder developed his first outboard motor more than 65 years ago. Headquartered in Fond du Lac, WI, the company today has manufacturing facilities in Fond du Lac; Stillwater, OK; St. Cloud, FL; Juarez, Mexico; Petit-Rechain, Belgium; and Newton Abbot, UK.

  • Modern Materials Handling - Including Warehouse Management: Cadillac Takes the Lead
    Overview: General Motors Lansing Grand River - Manufacturing Productivity Award Winner

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  • Modern Materials Handling - Including Warehouse Management
    Overview: A trade magazine targeted to materials handling and warehouse management industries. Online articles are available free to registered users.

  • covisint - a subsidary of Compuware Corporation
    Overview: Covisint is the leading provider of services that enable the integration of vital business information and processes between partners, customers and suppliers. Covisint uses an industry-centric approach leveraging deep expertise and state-of-the-art technology to address industry specific needs. Covisint bridges gaps created by dissimilar business systems and adapts businesses to work with the myriad of business processes and technologies used by partners. Covisint creates value for organizations of any size by providing speed in decision-making, reducing partner collaboration costs and enabling greater responsiveness in serving customers.

  • AMS - Automotive Manufacturing Solutions - Magazines & conferences
    Overview: Automotive Manufacturing Solutions (AMS) has established itself as the automotive industry's most authoritative magazine for executives working in vehicle production. It offers readers an in-depth insight into the latest manufacturing technologies being employed by the world's leading automakers and component suppliers.

  • AMS - Automotive Manufacturing Solutions - Welding Directory Listing

  • Oakland County Michigan
    Overview: Rich in natural resources with a balance of urban and rural environments, Oakland County is a beautiful backdrop for modern lifestyle conveniences and home to a thriving economy. A community rich in diversity, history and culture, Oakland County provides state-of-the-art programs and services that bring government together with citizens, businesses and educational communities to create the model community of the future.
  • CEC Controls Company, Inc.
    Overview: CEC Controls Company, Inc. is a leader in Electric Control Systems Integration committed to providing the superior product you expect and the quality you deserve. Our state-of-the-art facility, coupled with an experienced staff, helps to ensure that our products are on-time, defect free and continuously improving. CEC Controls is a complete Electric Controls facility capable of assisting our customers from infancy through the implementation stages of a job.
  • Material Handling Industry of America
    Overview: MATERIAL HANDLING INDUSTRY OF AMERICA (MHIA) is the leading non-profit trade association representing the material handling and logistics industry –- the Industry that makes the supply chain work. Active members are material handling and logistics equipment, systems and software manufacturers; consultants; systems integrators and simulators; third party logistics providers and publishers.
  • GM Supply Power - The Future of Supply Chain Integration
    Overview: GMSP's mission is to be the single portal access for communication between Suppliers and GM Users. This portal was designed to make your job easier! GMSP is streamlined and efficient, with one home page. All information is separated into channels representing categories such as: news, message center (including bulletins), document center, etc., all designed to make your job easier to do.
  • GM - General Motors
    Overview: The car company to watch. - GM takes the lead, with the most cars with EPA estimates of at least 30 mpg highway; technology in place for greater automotive safety; and more class leaders in long-term dependability.
  • Ford Motor Company
    Overview: Ford Motor Company offers a wealth of variety to the automotive consumer. As we start our second century of business, we are in a position to appeal to the widest range of potential customers. Each of our automotive brands has a unique personality and holds a distinct place in the Ford Motor Company family.
  • Daimler Chrysler
    Overview: Daimler Chrysler is unique in the automotive industry: our product portfolio ranges from  small cars to sports cars and luxury sedans; and from versatile vans to heavy duty  trucks or comfortable coaches.

  • Automated Monorail

    Overview: Automated monorails can be programmed to operate at various speeds. The systems are applied to various material handling processes including delivery assembly and automated process applications.

  • Automated Storage
    The automated storage retrieval systems are an organizational system that holds unit loads. The systems provide accurate placement of the unit within the space and offers easy retrieval of the unit.

  • Automated Warehouse
    Automated warehouses are custom designed to meet the diverse needs of a wide range of industries from food processing to pharmaceuticals or from automotive assembly to textile production.

  • Belt Conveyor
    Belt conveyor systems transfer multiple objects of all different shapes and sizes to its location. Our state of the art belt conveyor systems are able to smoothly transport the product though minimal openings to prevent any mishaps. It has the variability of speed processes to choose from and has the ability to operate in a quiet manner.

  • Chain Conveyor
    Chain conveyors are the basis of the assembly systems. The systems are designed to hold and transfer heavy loads. It transports loads to its destination by chains that are linked together to hold the units. Conveyors in their designated area control each load. Chain conveyors are a simple design made for easy use.  

  • Electrified Monorail
    Electrified monorails consist of three standard systems, which are the SL50, L/M60, and the P60. The systems are efficient and flexible systems that have taken up the minimum of floor space. The systems achieve a fast transfer of the unit load in a quiet manner. These machines are able to adjust to any changes in height and able to operate at various speeds.

  • EMS Conveyor
    The EMS conveyor consists of three standard systems, which are the SL50, L/M60, and the P60. EMS conveyors can be used in various applications including delivery assembly, and automated process applications. The EMS conveyor functions to adjust to any changes in height and requires low maintenance.

  • Geo Pallet Conveyor
    Geo pallets are conveyor systems in which are used in various areas in the body shop. It is used in the general assembly of products in order to properly transport them from one location to another. The geo pallet requires no lubrication and low maintenance.

  • Monorail Conveyor
    Monorail Conveyors can be used in various applications including delivery assembly and automated process applications. They can be programmed to operate at various speeds. They are clean, quiet and require little maintenance. There is minimal downtime for engineering or model changeover and has precise stopping capabilities.

  • Pallet Conveyor
    Pallet conveyors manage in various areas in the body shop. They are used generally to deliver and process products.

  • Power and Free
    Power and Free Conveyors are able to freely stop and start individual operations without disrupting the entire production line. The power and free conveyors are highly useful in demanding working environments. These machines are able to adjust to any changes in height and able to operate at various speeds.

  • Skid Conveyor
    Our Skid Conveyor Systems achieve a fast transfer of the unit load, our belt driven technology is clean, quiet and requires no lubrication and minimum preventative maintenance. We carry over 150 different Skid Conveyor Systems to fit your automotive needs.

  • Skillet Conveyor
    Overview: Skillet Conveyors consist of moving platforms that are used to sustain the product and other assembly procedures. They have the ability to operate smoothly at different speeds and different heights. Our skillet conveyor technology is clean, quiet and requires no lubrication and minimum preventative maintenance. The skillet conveyor can be used in various applications in the general assembly area for process applications.

  • Slat Conveyor
    Overview: Slat conveyor systems may also install moving sidewalks upon request so the employee can move with the assembled product for a more efficient production. It manages to lift and transport heavy equipment.

  • Towline Conveyor
    Overview: Towline Conveyor Systems allows the workers the opportunity to focus more on other operations while the towline conveyors are in process. It is constructed for unattended transportation of materials in which they are moved by tracks. The towline conveyors are able to prevent product damage and have a steady product flow.

  • Vertical Belt Lift
    Overview: Vertical Belt Lifts are systems that allow faster transportation of unit loads; our vertical belt lift is clean, quiet and requires no lubrication. They are capable of processing at various speeds. It has the ability to raise the product and lower the product to and from its designated area. It allows workers to operate above the floor and use that space while the vertical belt lift is raised.

  • Stacker Crane
    Overview: The stacker crane can be used to store and handle large units that a forklift cannot handle. It is integrated into the automated storage rack for easy and fast handling. It will only take minutes for the stacker crane to retrieve items. The stacker crane increases material productivity and reduces any needed floor space.



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